Birding Mindo Area, Spectacular Day of Birds

More than 100 of birds in one day
Yanacocha,  Angel Paz, Milpe, Silanche, Mashpi
4 days tour northern Ecuador.


Day 01
Yanacocha, Old Nono Mindo Road
Plate Billed Mountain Toucan, Toucan Barbet, Saphire – vented Puffleg, Golden – breasted Puffleg, Great – saphire Wing, Spillman´s Tapaculo.


Sword - billed HummingbirdGiant Antpitta
     Sword Billed Hummingbird                         GIANT ANTPITTA


Day 02
Angél Paz Reserve, Milpe. Birding Mindo area Spectacular Day of Birds
Rufous – bellied Nighthawk,  Scaled Fruiteater, Orange – breasted Fruiater, Olivaceous, Piha, Dark – backed Wood Quail, Giant Antpitta, Yellow bellied Antpitta, Choco Warbler, Club – winged Manakin,


Day 03
Mashpi – Oilbird
Pacific  Tuftedcheek, Glistenning – green Tanager, Indigo – flower Piercer, Rufous, thraoated Tanager,


Day 04
Tiny Hawk, Barred Hawk, Purple – chested Hummingbir, Choco Woodpecker, Choco Toucan, Red – rumped Woodpecker, Blue – headed Parrot, Choco Trogon, Spot – crowned Antvireo, Western – slaty Antshrike, White – flanked Antwren, Purple – throated Fruitcrow, Scarlet – breasted Dacnis, Orange – crowned Euphonia, Scarlet and White Tanager.

Birding Mindo area Spectacular Day of Birds