Budget Birding Tour Southern Ecuador

Budget Birding Tour Southern Ecuador

Budget Birding Tour southern Ecuador.- Hundreds of Birds visiting the south of Ecuador where we can see the endemics and target birds in very important reserves such as:

Podocarpus National Park, Cloud forest of Cajanuma where we can see the Bearded Guan, Gray brested mountain Toucan, Neblina Metaltail and tanagers of the cloud forest;

The podocarpus park in the tropical forest and birds such as Torrent duck, Andean cock of the rock, Amazonian Umbrella bird, Coopery chested Jacamar, many tanagers and hummingbirds such as Spangled Coquette, wire crested thorntail, and many others.

The Tapichalaca reserve, one of the most important place in the south to see the Jocotoco Antpitta, one of the simbols of the antpittas in Ecuador; In the reserve there are chances to see another birds such as Orange banded flycatcher, Golden plumed Parakeet and the spectacular White capped Tanager.        

Dry forest in Vilcabamba: to see species such as Elegant crescent Chest

Budget Birding Trip Southern Ecuador

The Nangaritza, a Basin Amazon in  the Zamora Province where you will have an unforgettable experience watching birds such as the Orange throated Tanager.

All these opportunities, visiting diferent habitats you will have staying in the San Francisco Reserve in zamora Province that belongs to the Arcoiris Foundation which works with the conservancy of the habitats from many years ago.

The Arcoiris Reserve is another interesting area to access the park. This reserve is inside the Podocarpus Park, but the house is the property of the Ecological Foundation Arcoiris which is located at 2180 meters above sea level with an average temperature of 12 to 18 ° C, its moist and has frequent rains, and is 23 km from the city of Loja; the reserve is a natural forest, where you can find colorful orchids and a high diversity of birds. The reserve is located in a cloud forest ecosystem, in an area of transition between the sierra and the oriente. This is the reason that it possesses unique characteristics and contributes to the large quantity of plants and animals that live in the area.

The Reserve and the refuge has accommodations for few  people, with 3 bedrooms and an ample attic dorm to sleep as well. There is a spacious kitchen, living room with fireplace, bathroom with hot shower, educational area and parking.

In the reserve the are trails: “Los Romerillos”, “Las Golondrinas” and “Bosque Nublado,” which is all an adventure; here is the place to know the Podocarpus Tree one of the most important species of the park.

if you want a budget trip enjoying a spectacular birding trip staying in the refuge and enjoying our local cousine we invite to you to visit the south of ecuador.

BOSQUE 1 - copia

San Francisco Reserve

20160813_130149 - copia

San Francisco Reserve – Podocarpus National Park









Arrival. 1                                                                                                                                                                     Day 1.-  arrival at Loja in the morning – drive to San Francisco – Arcoiris Reserve. 2400 meters.    Day 2.-  Tapichalaca Reserve.                                                                                                                          DAY 3.- Podocarpus National Park. Tropical Forest. 900 meters                                                                  DAY 4.- Podocarpus National Park. Tropical Forest.                

 DAY 5.- Podocarpus National Park. Cloud Forest. 2700 meters                     

Day 6.- Arcoiris Reserve. End .

Price for 2 people: $ 2200.

Included: Accommodation – Arcoiris Refuge: Basic Services, transportation, meals, birding guide (language: Spanish English).     

Not included: Internal flights (Quito – Loja – Quito)

Budget Birding Trip Southern Ecuador




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