PARTICIPANTS:  Jean Philippe Gagnon and Guilles Vadnais
Guide: Pablo Andrade

“I’ve been more than a dozen times in South America and I was thrilled to discover the southern provices of Ecuador. Among the many local guides that cover this area, very few are at ease and knows the in and out of every corners. We were two independant birders and we hired Pablo Andrade to organize the complete 2 weeks itinary from Loja to Guayaquil. Not only we were convice we made the right “birding” choice but Pablo turn out to be extremely pleasant to be with and dedicated to fulfill our “north american” needs. During the 2 weeks, Pablo manage to show us 408 species (+29 heard only). Honnestly it’s not the list that mathers in this tour but the quality of every observations. Among them 3 endemics (wich is a lot for a small contry like Ecuador), 4 endangered species and more than 50 threatned or area restricted. We are very satisfied of the service Pablo gave to us, including the quality of transportation and choices of accomodation. More than everything, Pablo knows those birding spots others ignore… he’s from Loja and birding southern Ecuador is for him like birding his backyard 😉
Go with him and see for yourself…”
orange throated tanager equateur 2015-2 - copia

 Ecuador south-1

B S P - copia

TRIP 2015

Bob Curry and Glenda Slessor,

“In March 2015 we spent two weeks birding southern Ecuador with Pablo Andrade owner and chief bird leader of Exploraves.

We especially wanted to see the iconic birds of the highlands.  We were not disappointed as Pablo worked to get us excellent views of Long-wattled Umbrellabird, Crescent faced and Jocotoco antpittas, Orange-throated Tanager, El Oro Parakeet, Pale-headed Brush-Finch and many others. In addition, his very good ears and his persistence got us on to many difficult species.

In Pablo we appreciated having an Ecuadorian guide all to ourselves.

 Bob Curry and Glenda Slessor,

Ontario, Canada



 I hope you are well and have managed to keep as busy guiding as you would like.  I have finally posted my photos on Flickr.

Just click the photo with the title to see all the photos in that album.  The albums from our trip are Buenaventura, Jorupe and Utana, Tapichalaca, Copalinga and Yankuam.  Please let me know if you want any of the photos (I think you can download them directly but let me know if you do or if you want me to send any).    These do not include Ena’s photos.  Sorry but there are quite a few photos in each album.  Hopefully I have named them all the birds correctly.

 You said you may like the Undulated Antpitta photos in the Tapichalaca album.

 Our winter has ended and the birds have started to return – we saw our first Red-eyed Vireos yesterday.


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