Birdwatching Trips Northern Ecuador


Birdwatching Trips Northern Ecuador


No one can doubt and resist in coming to Ecuador for an unforgettable birding experience. One of the reasons of choosing to come to Ecuador, is the Mindo Area, in the northwest of Pichincha, designated as the first site of global importance for birds in South America, where with a bit of luck you can be able to see more than 100 bird species in a day, also visiting places such as Old nono Mindo Road (Ruta del Quinde), Milpe and Silanche  reserves.

You will be amazed with spectacular colorful birds from medium a large size, such as the noisy Andean cock of the Rock which around mindo is possible to see communal leks, where males gather for displaying breeding females; the colorful Toucan Barbet where with its unmistakable, strange and sonorous loud song as a honking “honh” you will be surprised; the beautifull Plate-billed Mountain Toucan. The variety of tanagers are among the colorful and impressive birds presents in Nono Mindo Road such as Grass-green Tanager, Blue-and-Black Tanager, Hooded Mountain Tanager;  Other important species are Cloud forest Pygmy Owl ( Glaucidium nubicola), Tanager Finch ( Oreothraupis arremonops ).


The reason for such great diversity is the wet Choco region which we are influenced, from Western Colombia to Northwest Ecuador where exists 52 endemic bird species.

Continuing to the lowest habitats of the region such as Milpe and Silanche reserves you will find other impressive birds such as Dusky Pigeon (Patagioenas goodsoni), Choco Toucan (Ramphastos brevis), Choco Trogon (Trogon Comptus), Choco Woodpecker (Veniliornis chocoensis), Orange fronte barbet (Capito squamatus) and a variety of birds such as Golden Bellied Warbler, (   )Gray and Gold Tanager (Tangara palmeri), Emeral Tanager (Tangara florida ); Blue – whiskered Tanager ( Tangara Johannae), Scarlet – breasted Dacnis ( Dacnis berlepschi), Scarlet browed Tanager (Heterospingus xanthopygius ), Scarlet-and-white Tanager (Chrysothlypis salmoni ).

These are just an example of the enormous biodiversity  which can find in the north of the country which starting a trip from the highlands In Yanacocha Reserve and continuing taking the Old Nono Mindo Road known Paseo del Quinde Eco Route which lead to Mindo Area where you will enjoy the most fantastic landscapes and bird species.

Exploraves and Pablo Andrade with years of experience guiding and organizing trips, together with their professional team and local guides are able to offer to you trips with the responsibility, safely and comfort using the most popular accommodation for your enjoying.

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